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At Hajosy Law, our practice focuses on advising older clients and their families, and clients with special needs, regarding their estate planning options, including asset preservation and obtaining public benefits, when needed.

Our areas of laws include Elder Law, Estate Planning, Probate, Special Needs/Disability Law, Fiduciary Services, and Veteran’s Benefits. Learn more about each of these services below.

Advising and preparation of documents such as wills, trusts (revocable and irrevocable), durable powers of attorney, advance medical directives (appointment of health care representatives, living wills, and health care declarations), and custody/designation of remains. Hajosy Law also counsels about medical and life-sustaining choices, gifting and the financial/tax implications of a proposed action.

Assisting clients in obtaining and retaining eligibility for Medicaid (Title 19) and other government benefits. Hajosy Law helps to protect a client’s assets from high long-term care costs with the use of asset protection such as trusts.

Counseling with respect to nursing home admissions, discharges, quality of care and long-term care insurance issues. She also acts as a resource to elder clients who are considering a variety of housing options.

Assisting clients with the estate settlement process in the case of a decedent’s probate estate. Hajosy Law also assists clients where there is no probate estate, but there are other post-death issues. In addition, Attorney Hajosy works with clients who are acting as legal representatives under a conservatorship or other protective proceeding. Email Attorney Hajosy to receive the free brochure, “What to Do When Your Loved One Passes”-a step-by-step guide of what you should be doing the first few days after death.

Assisting families who have a disabled child or another disabled family member in planning for that person’s future through advising regarding public benefits, creation of special needs trusts and other arrangements. Attorney Hajosy also counsels trustees of supplemental needs trusts in the trust administration issues that are unique to these trusts.

Providing trust administration services for a full complement of trusts. Hajosy Law understands the complex fiduciary responsibilities of a trustee. She serves as executor, attorney-in-fact, guardian, conservator, or other formal or informal fiduciary arrangements. Hajosy Law also provides counsel to and represents clients who are serving as fiduciaries.

Advising clients and families on assistance programs available to Veterans and the surviving spouses of veterans. Hajosy Law uses specialized planning techniques to ensure eligibility while helping to retain assets. Attorney Hajosy is an accredited Veterans Claims attorney and has been since 2009.

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